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President Obama has abdicated any responsibility as a leader of this country

Mass chaos rules this presidency
Mass chaos rules this presidency
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President Obama has brought the illegal immigration crisis onto himself. His obsession to create millions of perceived future Democratic voters is now an unmitigated disaster that he pathetically continues to blame on everyone except Barack Obama.

Who is applauding his efforts? The far left in this country and no one else. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat, has gone so far as to call the illegal invasion Obama’s “Katrina moment."

The president’s strategy is to ignore the crisis on his Texas trip to raise funds for the Democratic Party. He refuses to visit the border facilities housing Central American children. And the governor of Texas refuses to meet him for a presidential photo op in Austin, TX.

Where is the outrage from the mainstream press as Obama requests $4 billion taxpayer dollars to fix a mess he couldn’t begin to detail is worth $4 billion taxpayer dollars. That is $4 billion unnecessary dollars spent that could easily have been avoided if President Obama had kept his political mouth shut and never encouraged “dream” children to scamper to the border for their amnesty in America.

Four billion dollars that could be spent on Americans sick and dying in VA hospitals run by an over-sized government bureaucracy that the president and his minions feel is the answer to America’s problems. Four billion that could be used to build a 2000 mile fence along the southern border.

Is anyone becoming outraged by this amateur hour in the White House? Where is the leadership instead of toxic blame in this crisis? Where is the concern for Americans as illegals are bussed into unknowing towns carrying diseases that go unchecked? Where are our rights as citizens and taxpayers of this country?

Is everything partisan politics? Must we always hear what a former president did six-years-ago? I personally do not care who is running the country’s top post when a national crisis is in full swing. I want a leader, not a whiner in charge. I do not care about the president’s legacy, good or bad. I want the problem solved yesterday. That's why he's there.

Referring to President Bush and the Katrina hurricane in 2008, Rep. Cuellar said, “I'm sure that President George W. Bush thought the same thing, that he could just look at everything from up in the sky.” He’s absolutely right and it’s only human for a man to think that way. But as Cuellar told Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto," this is a “humanitarian crisis" on the border.

Mr. President, deal with it. It is your problem and you asked for this job. Thousands of aliens from Central America, mostly minors and mothers, are streaming over the U.S.-Mexican border. This is not some encounter session or a political science project, it’s real life.

Distraught parents are paying Mexican drug cartels to smuggle the children under the belief that they will be allowed to stay in the United States. Why do they think that, hummm?

Meanwhile, back in the murky world of President Obama, he plans three fundraisers in Texas this week. This cannot be changed? He has declined invitations from Gov. Rick Perry and several Democrats to visit the border facilities where the illegal immigrants are being incarcerated.

Why won’t he go? His handlers think it will mean photos of him next to the great unwashed and he’ll be blamed. I have news for you Mr. President; you are being blamed and rightfully so. Deal with it and man up to your obligations to 315 million American citizens. Not a voting base of political science encounter groups living in a world no one else lives in.

Obama’s White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest flippantly tells the press, "We're not worried about those optics, and that's simply because the president is very aware of the situation that exists on the southwest border." He has obviously graduated from the pompous seminar of his predecessor, Jay Carney.

Oh really Mr. Earnest? Is anyone getting sick of this dog and pony show that makes you wonder what these people consider us common folks? Is anyone getting sick of this?

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, a premier member of the political science encounter group better known as ultra left liberals, tells MSNBC's "NewsNation" on Monday, "I think that he has people in place to take care of that situation. There have been leaders from all over the Congress to visit the border. The Homeland Security has been there. What would be the point in the president going?"

These are people we have elected? The president will ask us for $4 billion dollars and can’t be bothered to go look? But he can make three fundraisers? This Johnson guy is a Texas Democrat and says this?

I ask again, anyone getting mad?

We as Americans cannot send these people who broke our nation's back where they came from because of a law? We’re talking about an American law that doesn't allow for immediate deportation of illegal immigrants from non contiguous countries such as Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala? Huh? We can’t change that as the country sinks under the weight of non-American lawbreakers?

Meanwhile, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson visited the area last week. Gee, thanks public servants. That might lead to President Obama planning an “event” to discuss the issue, just not at the border itself. Bad for the image you know.

Obama's two-day Texas visit begins on Wednesday. The mainstream media will probably report on the success of his fundraisers and how much money he made for his party. There will be Hollywood celebrities and rich Texans paying untold bucks to be seen with this "leader."

Anyone getting mad yet?

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