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President Obama grants gay unions federal benefits

President Obama grants federal benefits to same-sex unions
President Obama grants federal benefits to same-sex unions
MGN Online

On Friday, President Obama went against a ruling the Supreme Court made a year ago on gay marriages. Now, gay couples now have benefits they never had before, even in states where same-sex unions are against the law.

Some of the benefits include Social Security and veterans benefits and time off from work to care for sick spouses. According to, gay marriage is only legal in nineteen states, along with DC, and thirty-one states have a ban against homosexual unions.

President Obama’s administration truly wants to make marriage equality equal across the board, but there are some laws on the books in some states that say benefits should be given only to those who live in a state that recognizes their marriage.

The Veteran’s Administration and Social Security Administration are now processing requests to bury gay couples together in a national cemetery and process requests for social security for those who live in states that do not recognize gay unions.

WBTV is also reporting that within the gay community, gay couples are concerned their partners won’t get their benefits if the partner who dies has more benefits. They believe the partners would benefit from the higher benefits.

The Labor Department is also wording the FMLA to make it understood that it applies to gay unions as well.

Those against couples in a homosexual union getting marriage benefits feel President Obama is out of line.

"This clearly goes beyond the executive branch's authority. The federal government should not put the thumb on the scale in terms of how states define marriage," said Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council.

This has been the latest push by President Obama to gain an equal view and treatment of gay unions under the law that heterosexual unions enjoy. President Obama has also worked on repealing the ban that homosexuals cannot openly serve in the military and has stated he will place an executive order into place that makes it illegal to discriminate against someone because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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