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President Obama gives Civil Rights Speech


This struggle has been long, time and again we faced opposition, Time and again the measures were defeated, or delayed,...they turned tragedy into victory, you held vigils... and I can announce this bill is set to pass and I will sign into law."

These were the words of President Obama speaking to Matthew Shepard's parents about his namesake bill and also as a testament to all those that have fought for civil rights over the last 30 years which is the LGBT groups in America headed by the HRC (Human Rights Campaign.)

Although much opposition over the past year has told us Obama doesn't care about gay marriage, the President is enthusiastic about passing these bills and not just allowing for civil rights of all people, but also overturning the DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) Armed Forces policy.

These times call for civil rights of all people, it is unfathomable that this has even

been in question for so long. Why are Americans telling any group of people that they are not equal to every other American? Why are we repeating history? With all the progress that was made with the civil rights of African Americans, have we learned nothing? This is America, land of the Free, and home of the Brave. When no one longer fears walking down the street with the person they love we will have made it!

Locally there are many groups fighting for those same rights and there are places where they can meet listed below. If you are an LGBT Las Vegan and feel alone please check out one of these local spots and join in. First watch this wonderful speech made by the President. Be careful to catch parts 2 and 3 available after the first one ends.

One of the most premier Las Vegas organizations for GLBT professionals and friends to mix and mingle is Sin City Q-Socials which was built by Mr. Terry Hernandez and his partner with their personal funds and was just named Las Vegas "Best Social Group" by City Life last year.  They can be found at where you can join as a member and get great opportunities to local events.  As well they are now offering a VIP membership that has wonderful benefits but limited spots so join today to get in on the best! 

If you are a UNLV student there are two wonderful choices on campus they are . SPECTRUM - an LGBTQA social and activist club 

find them on Myspace at

Also on campus is the Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

 that can help guide you into any club or org that you would be best suited.

Off campus is the Gay & Lesbian Community Center- you can find them at:


953 E Sahara Ave # B31
Las Vegas, NV 89104-3072

(702) 733-9800‎



If you like the nightlife, here are a couple Bars and Lounges that you can find in the valley that are LGBT.


Mixed, Dancing, Pool, Slots, Shows, Neighborhood Bar — 1415 East Charleston


Mixed, Dancing, Pool, Slots, Country Theme — 5012 Arville Avenue

Men, Pool, Slots, Biker/Leather Scene — 4640 Paradise Road

Mixed, Pool, Slots, Country Scene — 5012 Arville Street

Men, Pool, Slots, Neighborhood Bar — 4213 West Sahara Avenue

Mixed, Dancing, Pool, Slots, Shows, Neighborhood Bar — 4371 West Charleston

Mixed, Dancing, Pool, Slots, Shows, Neighborhood Bar — 610 East Naples

Mixed, Dance / Party Bar — 4605 Paradise Road

Mixed, Pool, Slots, Dance / Party Bar — 1775 East Tropicana Avenue

MEN, Dancing, Pool, Slots, Levi/Leather Theme — 3430 East Tropicana Avenue

Transgender, Dancing, Food, Slots, Shows — 900 East Karen Avenue

SNICKS PLACE - Downtown Las Vegas
Mixed, Pool, Slots, Neighborhood Bar — 1402 South Third Street - Downtown

Mixed, Pool, Slots, Dancing, Food, Neighborhood Bar — 957 East Sahara Avenue
Men, Pool, Slots, Biker/Leather Scene — 4640 Paradise Road