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President Obama calls for an increase in minimum wage

President Obama’s call for an increase in minimum wage comes as no surprise and has been long overdue. The fight for higher wages is an ongoing struggle that has been worsening as the cost of living continues to grow. Obama is proposing that companies will need to pay $9.00 per hour to their employees, opposed to the $7.25 previously required. This recent demand to raise minimum wage comes with strong support from Americans across the country. Many do not realize that an increase in minimum wage results in higher pay for many jobs around the country, not just the jobs immediately affected.

The inequality between America’s wealthiest billionaires and middle class families struggling to maintain continues to grow. This recent proposed hike in minimum wage is still far less than what is deserved for workers in America, but will open discussions leading to higher paying jobs in the future. As living costs increase rapidly, the pay rate for jobs in this country have not remained as consistent. Until a more fair distribution of wealth is practiced, the standard of living for all Americans will suffer.

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