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President Obama buys lunch for people after cutting in front of them in line

President Obama smiles with the family that allowed him to budge in line.
President Obama smiles with the family that allowed him to budge in line.

President Barack Obama gave a 40-minute speech about immigration at the well known Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas on July 9. After the president and his motorcade found themselves rather hungry and stopped in to Franklin's, a favorite BBQ restaurant that comes highly recommended from Austin residents.

Given that President Obama is the most powerful and influential man in the world it makes rational sense that wherever he ventures he is automatically placed at the front of line. No, he doesn't have 10 minutes to wait like everyone else. Disagree? When there is a Secret Service agent that follows you around with a briefcase called a 'football' which contains nuclear codes and the ability to launch nuclear missiles in mere seconds then come and talk to me about being cut in front of while waiting in line for lunch.

Always classy the president offered to pay for the lunch of the citizens who he stepped in front of in line. The family duo, Bruce Finsted and his daughter Faith Finsted, both hailing from Austin, were happy to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to let President Obama ahead of them in line. Some citizens are lucky enough to receive a handshake at a rope line, others have the president step in front of them at a restaurant. These things are all relative.

The happy customers surprised the president when he found out that they were ordering for their table that had two other family members already sitting waiting for their meal. The father and daughter duo proceeded to order, "three pounds of beef, two pounds of ribs, a half-pound of sausage and a half-pound of turkey" according to Upon hearing the order President Obama did some math in his head and said:

Hold on now. How many folks are you guys feeding? Just kidding.

The final cost of President Obama's entourage along with the lucky family? Around $300. The president first attempted to pay with cash, but then broke out a credit card.