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President Obama: Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and this year along with 2009 and 2008, is a historical event in black history since our president is African American.  President Obama is the 1st black president in U.S. history.  President Obama is the 44th U.S. President, which means it took 176 four year terms, 234 years in this countries history, and 43 other white presidents for a non white elected official to hold the highest office in our country.  President Obama has had to deal with a struggling country economically, by struggling meaning some of the most difficult times in U.S. history since the Great Depression.  President Obama discussed several issues regarding our countries struggling economy in his 2010 State of the Union Address back on January 27, 2010 to a national audience.  In President Obama's speech he stated that if his economic ideas and economic advisers did not act quickly and wisely our country could possibly have suffered from a 2nd depression.  President Obama stated his most important issue on rebuilding the economy was to create jobs for the American people with small businesses, since our countries unemployment rate is approximately 10%.  President Obama has another 2 years in his 1st term before he has up for re-election.  Depending on how he handles the countries economic struggles will most likely determine if he is re-elected and his place in U.S. history will be noted, as well as being written about in America's black history undoubtedly.