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President Obama asks Twitter followers not to spoil 'House of Cards'

Well, if you were wondering what President Barack Obama was doing for Valentine's Day, it might be watching Netflix.

In a tweet yesterday, President Obama asked his 41 million followers not to spoil season two of "House of Cards" for him.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The leader of the free world sent out a tweet yesterday asking his more than 41 million followers not to give any spoilers to the Emmy-nominated Netflix show, "House of Cards," whose second season kicks off today.

"House of Cards" executive producer Beau Willimon spoke to E! Online and called Obama's tweet "mind-blowing."

"It's humbling, it's flattering, and I encourage people to follow his advice," he said. "No spoilers for your friends who didn't get to it the minute it was released."

Gerald McRaney, plays Raymond Tusk on the show, has an idea for the president's future.

"Well, I think he ought to do a guest shot. I mean, really, seriously. They can come up with something for him," he said.

Other television shows that President Obama enjoys include Showtime's "Homeland" and HBO's "The Wire" and "Game of Thrones," along with "Boardwalk Empire" and PBS's "Downton Abbey."

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