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President Obama and his tan suit: A social media hit

The talk during the past couple of weeks when President Barack Obama was on vacation was about his casual appearance as he stood behind his podium and before the cameras and press without a tie. After all, it was part of his alleged ‘working vacation’ and he was really ‘not in.’ Now that he’s back in Washington, D.C. and back at work full-time, his apparel is once again a hot topic. In fact, according to the Washington Post on Friday, his apparel is discussed more than his news conference content.

President Barack Obama at a news conference on August 28, 2014.
Getty images/ Mandel Ngan

On Thursday, President Obama stepped up behind the podium and before the cameras and members of the press in a snazzy-looking suit coat unlike he has been seen in before. Rather than going for the dark hues he is known for in his public address clothing, he donned a tan suit coat. Needless to say, it was quite a striking difference in appearance. And the difference in appearance didn’t go unnoticed at all. Social media flared up regarding the president’s news conference. While very, very little was mentioned about what he said at the presser, social media noticed – and appeared to definitely approved – the president’s choice of dress.

According to the report, Labor Day is the cut-off point on the calendar for wearing light colors such as whites and tans. Or, at least that’s what fashion experts say. Therefore, cutting it quite close – as it was only four days before the unofficial end of summer – Labor Day – the president went for the summer seasonal look.

For the record, President Obama’s news conference held on Thursday afternoon was – content-wise – about the threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, according to ABC News. But again, that aspect of his news conference got little attention. At least, little attention compared to social media’s fascination with the tan suit.

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