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President Jimmy Carter in Cincinnati Tuesday for 'A Call to Action" book signing

I took this picture in the fall of 1976 when Jimmy Carter was campaigning at the Statehouse in Columbus.
John Michael Spinelli

Back in 1976 when Jimmy Carter won the presidency, he won Ohio to do it by beating Republican President Gerald Ford by a slim margin of only 11,1116 votes.

The 39th president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, now 89-years-old, will sign and discuss his new book, "A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power," about discrimination and human rights abuses against women and girls around the world, at an event scheduled at 6pm at Joseph-Beth Bookseller at the Rookwood Pavilion in Cincinnati. There are no more tickets available for the event.

Jimmy Carter, the president Republicans always point to as the most failed Democratic president, actually spent four years as Commander-in-chief without having an American soldier fire one shot. A feat all following presidents, some spectacularly so, failed to accomplish.

Moreover, when presidents are ranked according to how many private sector jobs they created during their administrations, a mantra to Republicans who always say they prefer private sector jobs over public sector jobs, let the record show that President Carter—unlike President George W. Bush who reduced income taxes by 2.3 trillion dollars and said it would produce jobs but which lead instead to a net loss of 462,000 jobs over his two terms in the White House—ended his beleaguered single term, dragged down by rising oil prices from a cartel of the world's oil producing and exporting countries [OPEC], with a net gain of 9,041,000 jobs. Quite an unknown achievement, one which his critics forever fail to mention for obvious reasons but which is real history nonetheless.

President Carter is expected to dine at nearby Bronte Bistro following the vent. The international peace activist has written books ranging from his memoirs to focusing on international issues.

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