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President Clinton may 'Dance With the Stars'

President Bill Clinton
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Professional dancer Karina Smirnoff has made it known that she is very interested in teaming with former President Bill Clinton on the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars." Smirnoff was said to have made a beeline for the bawdy ex-president at pre-Oscar parties this weekend hoping to convince him to do the show.

While there has been no official response from Clinton or his management team it would not be unusual for the former leader of the free world to become involved with DWTS, soon to be in its 18th season. Clinton, who plays saxophone, has slow danced at state events on occasion.

The show, produced by ABC, has struggled in the ratings for the last several seasons and is reportedly looking at more A-List stars and sports celebrities to regain its popularity. In a major shake-up producers replaced long-time co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet with sports reporter Erin Andrews a move Smirnoff played up by saying, “Producers must really know what they’re doing. Even if we question this decision or that decision… I am giving them the benefit of the doubt since they have an amazing track record.”

Celebrities and sports stars currently being rumored and/or considered for the coming season (the full cast announcement to be made on March 4, 2014) include former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis. Candace Cameron Bure from "Full House" is also said to be a lock as is former "Real Housewives" star NeNe Leakes.

Band leader Harold Wheeler and his entire group of musicians have also been let go from DWTS and it is possible the band will be replaced with recorded music or a smaller band in what is thought to have been a major cost cutting move although executive producer Conrad Green said "We feel that some types of music and types of songs, a lot of modern music particularly, is so produced that it's impossible for an 18-piece band to replicate that sound," and added "You get to a point where you're forcing a band to try and do a sound that they just literally can't pull off."

Getting President Clinton on the show would be a major coup for the troubled dancing franchise with Smirnoff saying, “I really hope he says yes, because I think if Bill Clinton does the show he will win it. He just doesn’t have to dance. He could just stand there and we are all going to vote for him. Bill Clinton is amazing, he’s got such a presence. Every time he walks into the room you are drawn to him.”

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