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President Christie: a bridge to the White House

President Christie
President Christie
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This is the first in a new series examining the possibilities for Republican victories in the next election cycles.

In all the distortion about Governor Chris Christie and the closing of a bridge from New York to New Jersey , one comes to several conclusions: First and foremost: New Yorkers care more about their precious traffic flow than they do American Soldiers or Ambassadors, and Secondly, Democrats are scared to death of anyone with higher polling numbers than Hillary Clinton- which is what this is really all about.

Indeed, a Christie Administration would give both Rockefeller Republicans and Main Street Conservatives (Tea Party conservatives) and even Libertarian-types MOST of what they want in a President. President Christie would stand up to abusive unions, he would take off the kid gloves reigning in the Washington foolishness, and he would go to work every day instead of play golf; forfeiting the responsibility to a shadow president. He has proved,( by his willingness to aggrandize Obama to get for New Jersey the help it needed after being declared a national catastrophe to get the federal assistance it was due at that moment) that he’s willing to sacrifice his personal gain for those he has the responsibility to lead. He understood the Gulf Coast states were abandoned because they were red states and Obama had no chance of winning those states in reelection.

A Christie Administration will address Washingtons' challenges. It's easy to visualize finding and terminating federal employees who are adversarial towards the American people. One should remember that Democrats pleaded for their political appointees to keep their jobs when George W. Bush won the Presidency in the 2000 election. These employees have infiltrated the Civil Service and have become adversarial towards any person or group opposing the policies of Democrat-lead Washington. President Christie would revoke that deal, terminate those who’ve acted inappropriately, give them their 20 weeks of unemployment then let them suffer under the economy they’ve precipitated onto the rest of America.

Candidate Christie would mitigate any accusations of misogyny by reminding the accusers that he’s plain spoken with anyone who postures disrespectfully towards another person. Governor Christie has a reputation for being patient with those who have genuine concerns, but will address vitriol head on instead of entertain verbal combat. Even Candidates Christie's obesity is a positive by his ability to relate to a majority of Americans who fight the battle of the bulge. The Lefts inability to refrain from attacking him personally on this issue (crass people can’t withhold their hatred) can translate into gravitas with every over-weight American, male or female. The explanation can be offered: “This is what the Left thinks of you when they don’t want something from you.”

For those concerned about Christie's moderate stands, he can explain that "nothing can be done on the immigration issue without Congress- and that voters have the opportunity to elect Congressmen and Senators based on those issues in this (2016) election cycle.” He can then assert that our borders are sovereign no matter what position a voter takes- and that nothing should happen until the border is secure.

For those concerned about his Abortion position, he can explain that the only legislation on the horizon is whether or not Partial birth abortion is a practice Americans approve of. Also, he can insist that abortion clinics conform to hospital standards and post-birth abortions will be prosecuted by the DOJ under his Administration. He might even retort the misogyny accusations with “Nothing is more misogynistic than aborting a child because she isn’t a boy”.

Since most Americans don’t care much about New York’s traffic patterns, this latest incident only illustrates just how afraid Democrats really are of this Governor of a blue state. That revelation is refreshing.