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President attributes low approval ratings to race


This week in the Obama presidency his former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and a British foreign policy advisor, Sir Hew Strachan, both went to press in one form or another to essentially confirm what most people have concluded and that Obama is "clueless" "lost" "are you kidding me" in foreign affairs. Obama goes from one debacle to another has no direction or vision in any of his actions or decisions they say.

Domestically things aren't so keen either, as is certainly well known. The previous week it was revealed that a third of the country is out of work. Amazingly Obama sees this as an opportunity and is blaming Congress for inaction while pretending that the horrible state of affairs has anything to do with him being in charge the last five years.

So it's comes as no surprise that Obama has an approval rating of 39%. It's become so fashionable to dislike Obama that even his wife is getting in on it although she would never allow herself to be left behind on the latest trend.

So how does Obama account for so many people being sick of him? In an interview with The New Yorker the president decided to attribute his lack of popularity to the fact that he's black.

There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president

It's his race. Far be it for him to see that a great deal of people just don't like him because of who he is. Of course not, it just has to be something else, "no doubt" it's because he's black.

Why is their "no doubt"? He was elected president by the very same people who subsequently gave him approvals of 50% and even higher. After 5 years on the job, that has now dipped below 40%, all of a sudden it's because he's black? Wasn't he black during his first election and then reelection? We can like him because he's Barack but once we don't like him it's because he's black. Can we just not like the guy because of who he is, which now includes being a petty race hustler?

And what is it about being black that Obama feels lends itself to animosity? Why does Obama consider it a given that we have to necessarily agree that a lot of "folks" don't like having a black president? And what does that say about white people? Isn't this a disparagement on them as well as a warning to blacks that white America doesn't like them?

Because of this, It's now official. Barack Obama is the very worst president in the history of the country.

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