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Preserve your favorite times with easy, DIY photo coasters

Easy, DIY photo coasters to preserve your favorite memories
she {hearts} it

Today’s society is obsessed with taking pictures. While most people don’t often carry a digital camera anymore, smartphones and increased mobile technology has put a camera is everyone’s hand, most of the time, allowing you to capture every moment of life.

With an increase in photo taking and sharing, hello Instragram, Facebook, and SnapChat; you’re probably running out of photo space on walls and in frames. Most people like to be surrounded by their favorite memories at home or the office, but can't seem to find a balance between photos and clutter.

Custom, DIY photo coasters are easy to make and are a unique way to preserve your favorite memories. Pinterest and other online blogs offer several tutorials to accomplish this DIY. Here is simple one from she {hearts} it blogger, Coleen.

These also make the perfect gift for birthdays, wedding showers, graduation gifts, or Christmas. Just look through someone's Facebook or Instagram and find their favorite photos.

Here's the tutorial and some quick tips:

she {hearts} diy photo coasters

Materials Needed:
4×4 white ceramic tile- found at Lowes or Home Depot. (You can also pick up a set of coasters at Goodwill or another thrift store to recover.)

Photos- 1 per tile (black and white generally work best!)

Mod Podge- found at most craft stores or Walmart, Lowes, or Target

Paint or foam brush

Clear Acrylic Sealer- found at most craft stores or Walmart

Small Felt Circles- Found at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond

In the tutorial, Coleen begins her instructions with cleaning and drying your tiles. To best prep your tiles, clean them with any percentage of rubbing alcohol. This will remove any dirt and debris and will also allow the Mod Podge to adhere better. In general, you shouldn’t need to rough up the tiles with sandpaper in order to adhere your photos, but it is a good suggestion she makes in the tutorial.

The tutorial doesn’t mention cutting your photos, just mentions it is the materials list. 4X4 tiles are generally not exactly 4x4. Measure your tiles and cut your photos slightly smaller. You can opt to round the corners or leave them alone. Generally black and white photos work best with Mod Podge, but you can choose color like she does in this tutorial.

To start actually making your coasters, apply a THIN coat of Mod Podge to either the photo or tile. Either method work wells, just make sure you don’t use too much Mod Podge. You can also opt for a spray adhesive, found at most craft stores. Make sure to smooth out all the bubbles and let the base dry completely before moving on to the next steps.

Not mentioned in the blog post, but a quick tip: once the base layer is dry, spray a thin coat of your acrylic sealer. This will prevent your ink from running. Without this, your photos may turn a little pink while applying the Mod Podge. If this happens, it is okay. Your photos should return to normal coloring when they dry.

After your layer of sealer dries, apply three THIN coats of Mod Podge to the top. Make sure to apply it evenly across the entire top of the tile, not just the photo. Keep your brush strokes even or use a foam brush to apply. Make sure your Mod Podge dries completely between each layer. You should not need more than three coats.

Let your final coat dry completely, letting it sit for 24 hours. Spray a thin layer of your sealant and attached the felts circles to the back. Coleen recommends waiting 72 hours before using your creation.

Other tutorials use foam board instead of tile and cork to back instead of felt. Look around and find the best tutorial for you or see if you have items on hand around the house that could work just as well.

If you opt to use a thrift shop find, generally the cork or felt on the back will still be good enough to use, just make sure you clean it really well. You also don’t have to only remake tile coasters. Any type of coaster you find will work for this project :)

Happy crafting!

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