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Presenting: The IHCRG of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Wynona is all smiles
Wynona is all smiles
Chrissy Frey

Foster homes are so very crucial to the rescue process – especially for an organization that doesn’t have a facility, but relies on a network of foster homes. When rescues pull pets from shelters, it is impossible to truly know their temperament and what their personalities are until they have been placed into a foster home. There, it can be discovered that a dog may not like children; or perhaps a cat dislikes other cats; or maybe, a dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, or cats. Most foster homes are going to have a dog already, and quite possibly cats – so if there is no foster that can suit the animal’s individual needs, the rescued animal will be placed in a boarding facility. These animals become known in the rescue community as “boarding babies.” The hope is that these boarding babies will eventually find foster – or even better forever – homes. They deserve a family, too.

Parker Pie wants a foster or forever home!
Chrissy Frey

With no further ado, presenting today, in the hopes that they can find a new foster or adopter before their only option is boarding: The IHCRG (I Hate Cats Recovery Group) of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue!

From Chrissy Frey, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteer and advocate for the boarding babies:

“We are part of the IHCRG (I Hate Cats Recovery Group). Here are the top 5 reasons:

#5 - Cats have 9 lives - spooky.

#4 - They always seem to be thinking of ways to pounce on us and get even.

#3 - In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. (-Terry Pratchett)

#2 - They have switchblades at the end of their paws.

#1 - We need foster homes without cats but no one will help us.


Wynona is an adult American Bulldog/Pitbull mix and is fondly referred to as “Wynnie.” She was picked up as a stray and brought to a high-kill shelter, where she attracted the attention of the Intake Officer for her sweet personality. The officer pleaded to many rescues to save this girl, and Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteers fell in love with Wynnie. They rescued her just hours before she was to be euthanized. She is a smart dog who has been through Basic Obedience training and passed with flying colors. Wynnie loves to play, especially with other dogs her size, and children, but she thinks cats are a little creepy! Everyone who meets Wynona falls in love; she is a sweet, smart, loving girl, and she deserves a foster or forever home as soon as possible!

Parker Pie is a male, 7 year old Australian Shepherd mix, and despite his sad background he is a happy dog. His original owner surrendered him to a rescue for reasons unknown, and then when he was adopted out to a family, he ran away from them. That is when Angels Among Us Pet Rescue took in Parker Pie. He is 100% house-trained and has good manners. Parker Pie would love to be someone’s running partner, or have someone to play fetch with him. He just loves to be around his people, but he doesn’t have any right now. Could you be the one to give him a foster or forever home? Remember, this handsome guy is wary of cats, for reasons listed above, but that doesn’t make him any less deserving of a forever home!

Lorenzo is a male, one year old Saint Bernard mix, and is working on getting to his proper weight as he’s a little skinny right now. His former owners dropped him off at animal control and didn’t look back, and Lorenzo became very depressed by this, because he has so much love to give. Fortunately he was rescued by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, because he needs heartworm treatment; luckily he is only in Stage One of the disease, and treatment is expected to go well. Lorenzo is reported as very easy-going, and really just wants to cuddle beside his human… as long as there’s no cats around that human! Lorenzo would love to find his foster or forever home soon.

All Angels Among Us Pet Rescue dogs come fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. If you have questions about fostering, please visit where you can find Fostering FAQs and a Fostering 101 information sheet, and can also view a list of current dogs in need of a foster home. If you are sure you want to begin fostering after seeing Wynona, Parker Pie, or Lorenzo, please fill out the foster application located here.

If you are interested in adopting Wynona, Parker Pie, or Lorenzo, please visit to fill out an application, or email for questions about adopting.

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