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Presenting: "23 Shades"

"A New Day To Learn"- 23 Shades
"A New Day To Learn"- 23 Shades
Aaron Cuadra

Austin’s own Aaron Cuadra is no stranger to the music scene here. He has been around Texas and the country making a name for himself as a solo artist for years, but recent circumstances have created some changes for the good in Aaron’s career. Now based out of Houston, Cuadra has been working on a new project called 23 Shades. 23 Shades is a full band project created to take Aaron Cuadra to a whole new level in his career. With an impressive tour background in prominent clubs such as House of Blues Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Antones; and having opened up for acts such as Train and Five for Fighting, Cuadra is sure to hit the ground running when the fruits of labor put into 23 Shades is seen this summer with the release of its debut album, “A New Day To Learn”, produced by Matt Noveskey (Blue October). “Aaron is not only a talented singer and intelligent lyricist,” says Noveskey, “he is a brilliant person in general. It was an absolute pleasure to dig down and find real-life inspirations to create this piece we’re extremely proud of. Working with him is a true pleasure; it’s seamless”. A very well put statement about a brilliant album filled with tracks that span the entire range of the rock genre. Austin Music Examiner will give you a full preview of “A New Day to Learn” just before its release. Fans of 23 Shades can get an early preview of what is to come off of “A New Day to Learn” with the singles, “Run”, “Tension”, and “Lucid” which can be purchased on iTunes right now. Austin Music Examiner will be sticking close to 23 Shades to bring you the latest on the release of this highly recommended album, and a tour supporting the album’s release. Also join Aaron Cuadra and 23 Shades on ReverbNation and Facebook to get updates straight from the source.