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Prescriptions for the enlightened soul

The mountain of transfiguration is the moment when God reveals His glory in our life
The mountain of transfiguration is the moment when God reveals His glory in our life
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Have you ever experienced that spiritual high after attending a retreat, a talk, a recollection or something of that sort that you wish you can stay there forever? I would call that the post-Transfiguration syndrome! Remember when Peter, James and John saw God's glory? They were so at awe that Peter wanted to build a tent and remain there forever. But Jesus led them back to Jerusalem. For us who have been through such an enlightened period, that moment is our mountain of transfiguration. We all wish we can just remain in that state. But then we have to go back to our Jerusalem.

What do we do so we can nurture that loving feeling? Like Mary, we should treasure and keep all these things in our hearts. You can play the music that would remind you of the spiritual high. Read the word that would encourage your soul. This is how to keep the spiritual romance alive. Set aside a time of the day for a quiet retreat and conversation with God so you can bring the mountain down to your Jerusalem.

Lent is the best time to make new habits and give up distractions because everyone seems to be doing it. It is a time to reorganize our lives and bring back order to the chaos that the demands and responsibilities have brought to it. Prayerfully reflect on what God is making you give up. What is that something that keeps you from having more time for God and what is essential in this life. Lent is not just about sacrificing pleasure but finding what sort of pleasure is hindering you from becoming a better person. The thing that you should give up should be something that you will give up for good and be replaced with something good so that when Good Friday comes, such bad habits would die perpetually and Easter will bring out a new person in you. Christ would be risen in your life. Pray and ask God what is that something that He wants you to give up this Lent which would start tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. Also pray that He shows you what it is that He wants you to replace it with? Habit takes time to learn and unlearn. Lent is the best time to give up bad habits and form new ones that will make you a better person.