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Preschoolers: Move to Learn!

Mind and muscles make preschool fun moves
Mind and muscles make preschool fun moves
Kidskills International

Kids need nudging to master basic movement abilities.

The simple and fundamental skills:

  • locomotion
  • body control
  • handing by hands
  • support by hands
  • swinging
  • leaving the ground and landing well

must be trained by a series of progression and successful experiences. A youngster's trial and error experiences with moving their body: from Point A to Point B, builds a connection between body and mind.

Each moment forms a link in that child's brain and muscles. Creating a storehouse of successful "I Can DO That!" physical activities cultivates the habit of enjoying movement.

The 21st century's pace and limited exposure to the out-of-doors and play opportunities almost makes a caregiver for a youngster wonder: how can I help my child build those great moments of achievement?

In the process of moving a child learns and stores valuable information. The movement skills are essential but larger, the establishment and further stimulation of the pathways between mind and muscle create neural pathways.

Later, in school, as well as in daily living, those pathways can be reused for transmitting information along the early established roadway. The wealth of the brain depends on lots of brain cells being engaged by the: under five population.

  • Learn to Move
  • Move to Learn
  • Learn to LEARN

Today, consider using this simple movement lesson from the KidSKILLS Movement and Sports Training Manual: Making Muscles 5. The simple task builds those body-mind connections and offers a lifetime of enjoyment of physical activity.

IF you or a friends is teaching youngsters, consider these Manuals as a resource.

What more would you wish to offer your children?

Task 22: Snake Slither!

During this activity, you child will try to isolate motion. With placing weight on their arms, they will shift body support from bend arms to extended arms as they 'slither' on the ground. This idea will encourage good body control as well as build coordination and strength. In the 6 Kidskills Manuals, a teacher or parent can follow simple progressions to encourage fundamental movement abilities for preschoolers.


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