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Preschool winter theme ideas for children

Snowman are common sites during the winter.

Calling all parents, preschool teachers, home daycare providers and caregivers! If you are looking for theme lessons - keep your eye on this blog site. Why not subscribe to this site to get new lessons in your email box? Let's start with winter. Do your children really know what winter is like up north? Living in Florida, we don't have the outdoor experiences, however through art, dramatic play, and even snacks, our children will get a feel for what winter is all about. So, let's get started...

Whether a family lives in an area with snow or in the tropics with warm weather year 'round, children can learn about the winter weather through these fun and educational activities.

Blizzard Art

On a dark blue or black sheet of construction paper, create a house block scene. Use geometric shapes from colorful paper and construct houses. Pieces of aluminum foil can be used for windows. When the city block is finished, sponge paint (poster paint and a small sponge) a white blanket of snow on roofs, trees, and ground for a snowstorm effect.

Recycled Cards

Use the front covers of old holiday cards and invite the children to paint over the picture with liquid white glue. Try using paintbrushes or cotton swabs as the art tool. When finished, sprinkle the surface with salt. The glue will dry clear and the salt will sparkle and shine.

Marbled Mittens

Cut white paper into mitten shapes and place one mitten into an aluminum pie pan. In another container, put a few marbles into poster paint. Spoon out the paint-covered marbles and place these on top of the mitten shape. Shake and roll the marbles over the mitten for a unique pattern design. Do the same procedure for the second mitten. Attach a piece of ribbon or yarn to tie the pair together.

Snowman Finger Puppet

Make a snowman shape from a large index card or poster board. Cut two finger holes at the bottom. Show the children how to make legs by sticking their two fingers through the holes to have their snowman do movements. Invite the children to decorate their snowman as they wish.

Snowman Dance

Place a snowman puppet (made above) or a snowman toy in the center of the floor. Encourage the children to sing and dance around the snowman to this song. Use the tune: "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush."

This is the way we skip around,

Skip around, skip around,

This is the way we skip around,

Like snowmen in our garden.

Other verses:

This is the way we hop around...

This is the way we jump around...

This is the way we crawl around...

This is the way we twirl around...

This activity is an open-ended song. Think of all kinds of movements to circle the snowman and dramatize together.

Make a Banana Snowman

Get the children into the kitchen and prepare this fun snack. Place three rounds of banana on a lettuce leaf to form a snowman. Make a hat with a pecan half and raisins for facial features. Sprinkle with shredded coconut for snow.

Celebrate the season of winter indoors where children can learn about snow and cold weather with these creative activities. Parents can show children how to create city blocks, recycle Christmas cards, make marbled mittens or do a snowman dance. These are fun, educational activities for kids to learn about winter.

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