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Preschool lesson plan: Pumpkin theme

Pumpkin bracelet
Pumpkin bracelet
Green Olives & Ham

Fall is in the air in Boston.  It's the perfect time for creating some Fall activities at home or in the classroom.  Here are some preschool activities that can be used for a Pumpkin theme.


- Pumpkin pancakes
- Pumpkin smoothie
- Pumpkin muffins

Math & Science:

- Print or cut multiple pumpkin shapes using cardstock or construction paper. You can write numbers or letters on each.  Ask the children to put them in the "pumpkin patch" in numerical or alphabetical order.

- Print or cut multiple pumpkin shapes in different sizes using cardstock or construction paper. Ask the children to put them in order by size (smallest to largest or largest to smallest).

- Using the same pumpkin shapes from above (two different sets), write numbers 1-5 or 1-10 on one set. Put dots on the other set (one dot on one, two dots on another, etc). Ask the children to count the dots and match the pumpkins to the correct number.

Arts & Crafts:

- Make pumpkin bracelets as they did at Green Olives & Ham.

- Make paper bag pumpkins.  Have the children paint small brown paper bags orange.  Once dry, they can add eyes and a mouth, then fill the inside with newspaper, and tie closed with a ribbon.

Dramatic Play:

- Create a pumpkin patch. You could make large pumpkins using cardboard, or make smaller pumpkins using cardstock or construction paper.  The smaller pumpkins can be placed on craft sticks and placed in a small cardboard box for a mini pumpkin patch.  Then the dolls and stuffed animals could visit the pumpkin patch.

Music & Movement:

- Sing and dance to some of these Pumpkin songs at DLTK.

Field Trips:

- Take the children to a local pumpkin patch or farm.


- The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll.

- Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch by Alyssa Satin Cupucilli.


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