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Preschool lesson plan for Thanksgiving

Gobble, gobble.
Gobble, gobble.

Morning Circle:
In the morning start the day with a creative way of telling the children the story of thanksgiving. This could be through a story, a book, a video, a song, a puppet show or any other means of entertainment. Ask the children what it means to be thankful. Once the children understand this concept have each of them tell you what it is that they are thankful for. Discuss Thanksgiving traditions.

Learning Activities:
1. Put on a Thanksgiving play or program.
2. Hand print turkey craft.
3. Glow birds
4. Tiny Toms

Music & Movement:
Five Little Turkeys

Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes
The Story of the Pilgrims by Katharine Ross
10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston
Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit! By Alyssa Capucilli
Thanksgiving Mice! By Bethany Roberts
I’m a Turkey by Jim Arnosky

Sugar Cone Cornucopias – You can fill them with candy and other goodies or go a healthier route with nuts, raisins and other trail mix ingredients.
Sweet T.O.M. Turkeys

Outside Play & Games:
1. Pin the Nose on the Turkey
2. Turkey Hunt – 1 child is a pilgrim and the others are all turkeys. Game play is identical to hide n seek.

Movie Time:
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Field Trip Tips:
Visit your local library to see if they are conducting any Thanksgiving activities. The Arapahoe Library District is reading a Thanksgiving story and doing a Paper Plate Pilgrim craft at the Castlewood Library on 11/24 at 3:00 PM.

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