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Preschool exercise: Join in the fun!

Preschooler Exercise and YOU

Preschool exercise is a great way to develop youngsters' knowledge about what it takes to become fit!

Surely, we know children love to move and be active but the opportunities for active play has become very limited over the past few decades. Two income producing parents and their use of child care facilities reduce the time that a family can participate in outside play exploration and recreational fun. Kids need to try and do and explore their abilities:

  • To move their bodies
  • To control motions
  • To develop rhythm in locomotor skills: runs, leaps, hops, jumps, slides, gallops, skips
  • To gain the abilities to: hang, slide, climb, roll

in safe ways in safe place. Can you kid:

  • Hop three times on one leg?
  • Hang by their hands from a safe bar or set of rings [perhaps at a playground]?
  • Manage to climb up a ladder to descent on a slide in a safe playground setting?

Today, KidSKILLS offers you a basic exercise for youngsters to try! And in trying this task you are also teaching them the basics of body management and building their strength. If you join the child in the exercise, you will also gain one of the prime benefits: core strength.

Preschool exercise uses this Task: Arch Up Everything DOWN is part of the KidSKILLS Movement & Sports Training Manual series: Making Muscles.

Task 17: Teach your youngsters this series and they [and YOU] can develop that desirable CORE strength!

Good for them and YOU! When the child is stretched long, with their face to the ground,

use these CUE WORDS to have them: ARCH the upper back [with straight arms]; press their body UP long and strong; and then EVERYTHING DOWN!

Lower to the Start position. SAY: ARCH! UP! EVERYTHING DOWN!

Repeat as enjoyed. Increase repetitions over the weeks.

A good 'lifetime' exercise for everyone!

Source: Uploaded by user via Diane on Pinterest


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