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Preschool activities for playing in the snow

Snowy hopscotch
Snowy hopscotch
Michelle Melnik

If you have received the first snow fall this Winter season in Boston, you may be looking for some fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy the snow with your preschoolers.

There are many fun ideas in this article:  Creative ways for you and your children to enjoy the snow.

Here is one more idea:  Snowy hopscotch.

There are different ways you can create your hopscotch in the snow.  You can use a shovel or stick to draw it, or you can use a pail or strainer as a "stamp" in the snow (which is what we used in the above photo).  Keep in mind that it will be a temporary hopscotch because as soon as the kids jump in the boxes or circles of snow, the hopscotch will disappear, but the more experienced jumpers can try and jump around the numbers, while trying not to jump on the lines.  Then your snowy hopscotch fun will last longer.

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