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Presbyterian Church votes to allow gay marriages

What would be the impact of this action from other churches like Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelical, Mormon, and Muslim?

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Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images
What would be the impact of this action from other churches like Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelical, Mormon, and Muslim?
Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Where are we heading with respect to this act of which very offensive to other religions? In fact, some still believe in traditional marriage. However, it appears that we are leaning toward to same-sex marriage as being embraced by most people on the liberal side of the isle.

The truth of the matter is, our Muslim brothers, live in the Middle-East, despise us because the way we accept this type of behavior on gay marriages that is going on in our country. If the person is caught with this kind of behavior, then he or she will be put to death, decapitate or stone, based on their Holy Koran.

Some of the judges are agreeing by giving green-light to same-sex marriage because of its constitutionality, to some people this is an abomination against God. Contrary to their opponents believe that this is against the constitution.

One example is when proposition 8 was passed by a slim margin that marriage is between a man and a woman. This proposition 8 voted by Californians and was circumvented and overruled by the California Supreme Court with regard to its constitutionality. The contention is discrimination against gays.

It’s a matter of time in order for them to cover the 50 states. So far, gay rights movement has 19 states approved of it while 31 states opposed to it.

What is the reaction of Pope Francis with the tide turning on the other side which is opposite to Catholic teachings based on Catechism of the Catholic Church?

When Jesus was tested by the Pharisees, handed over a silver coin and asked whose face in it? He replied, Caesar. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and gives to God what belongs to God? In other words, Caesar symbolizes a government. Whatever law being imposed by the government should be followed. However, when the moral issue is at stake then religious leaders will have to step-in and challenge such law.

If such law would be imposed throughout the 50 states what would be the repercussion in our educational system?

If and when it happens to all states on same-sex marriage, there will be a big change the way family lives with its values. The traditional value which is the fabric of our culture has been altered, and the society accepts the ethos.