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Prepping you for Prom (Part II)

If you're not sure how much hair to grab for the curling iron, measure it with your finger. That way it'll be even.
If you're not sure how much hair to grab for the curling iron, measure it with your finger. That way it'll be even.

Girls, time is running out and you have a lot to do! Take a deep breath and think about how you're going to style you're hair for prom. If you're going to want to get your hair done for prom at a beauty salon, book in advance. Booking an appointment a week or two before the prom, is not out of the question! Don't forget, you won't be the only one getting their hair done that day!

Amanda adds a flower to match her dress.
Aurora Garcia

When getting or doing an up-do, hair shouldn't be washed that same day.  Instead, wash your hair the previous day. Hair is always easier to work with when it's been washed the day before. Be sure to keep this in mind for other events you might have in the future as well.

Up-do's for short to medium-length hair run at about $25-$45 at the local salons. Also, ask how much it will be before actually getting the work done. Some salons might end up overcharging you if you have difficult hair to work with.

If you're planning on doing your own hair for the prom, this is probably the best time to get together with a friend and help each other out.  Try to join up before the actual day of the prom to practice with hairstyles and/or make-up.  Whatever you do though, don't use each others make-up!

A simple hairstyle you can try, is the side ponytail. However, this hairstyle works best if you have medium-length (below the shoulders) hair.  The day before prom, wash your hair and while it's still damp apply mousse before you blow-dry it straight. This will save you time for prepping your hair the next day.

The day of your prom, you want to spray (about an arms length away from your hair) a bit of hairspray on the ends of your hair. Getting too close will cause you to get those unwanted white flakes. Use the curling iron to curl the bottom of your hair, you don't want to go too high since it'll be worn to the side. Spray your finished curls once again, this time you can be more generous when using the hairspray.

Finally, choose a side to put it to, left or right, and then pin it or hold it with a rubber-band. Don't worry about the bobby pins or rubber-band showing. Hide this by adorning your hair with a flower or any hair accessory you prefer. Try matching the color of your 'hair' flower to your corsage.

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