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Preppers should not overlook preventative maintenance for their bodies

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Just as preventative maintenance is important for preppers’ cars and houses, preventative maintenance also is important for preppers’ bodies. This article will give examples to emphasize the importance of this preventative maintenance during an emergency such as a power blackout.

Consider the body preventative maintenance problems that a power blackout emergency could make even worse:

  1. If the father of the prepper household has not had regular dental checkups, a toothache could greatly distract his problem solving abilities during a power blackout emergency.
  2. If the mother of the prepper household has not kept the strength of her reading glasses current with her declining eyesight, she might not be able to read important information in the dim light of a power blackout emergency.
  3. If the grandfather of the prepper household has refused to wear a hearing aid, he might miss critical communications during a power blackout emergency.
  4. If the grandmother of the prepper household has not had her annual flu shot, she might catch the flu and be more at risk for death during a power blackout emergency.
  5. If the couch potato teenaged son of the prepper household is not in good physical shape, he might not be as able to help with activities such as chopping wood for a fire to help keep the family warm.
  6. If the couch potato daughter of the prepper household does not have any broken in sports-shoes, walking in her street shoes for any unusual distances could result in foot blisters that could compromise her mobility.

Any of the above problems could afflict one or more prepper family members. If even one prepper family member is afflicted with any of the above problems, the prepper family’s response to power blackout emergency will not be as good as it potentially could be.

Those who feel that these problems do not have a good chance of occurring should keep in mind Murphy’s Law. Murpy’s Law states that, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, and at the worst possible moment.

There will be plenty of unpleasant surprises during power blackouts. Preppers should make sure that the problems discussed above are not among them.