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Preppers need to protect their homes from burglars

During a power blackout, cash will be king.
During a power blackout, cash will be king.
Dan Vale

Many preppers fear that a disaster will bring long term mayhem. They believe that, eventually, gangs of looters will be one of the most likely dangers they will have to face. This article will discuss why professional burglars might strike before a disaster, when nobody is home, and might be an even more likely danger, especially for urban and suburban preppers.

To prepare for disasters, preppers may have many valuable prepper possessions in their homes, such as silver, gold, and firearms. Also, many preppers have large amounts of cash in their homes. They keep this cash in their homes so that, if they cannot use their credit cards or make bank withdraws during power blackouts, they still will have cash for a while to buy what they need.

Burglars not only take valuable possessions from their victims. They also rob their victims of a sense of security that homes provide. After being burglarized, some victims choose to move to another home that does not constantly remind them of their vulnerability.

There are two ways that preppers can protect themselves against burglars. One way is to make it harder for burglars to successfully burglarize their individual homes. The other way is to join their community residents in activities that make the entire neighborhood safer from burglars.

To reduce their chances of being burglarized, their best option is to employ both of these strategies. As an example of strategy one, many cities have police staff who, upon request, will come to homes and evaluate how the homeowners or apartment renters can improve their home defenses against burglars. As an example of the second strategy, citizen watch groups, as well as citizen and police joint patrols, can help to protect the entire neighborhood. These patrol and watch groups increase cooperation between neighborhood residents and the police and improve neighborhood safety.

The citizen patrols and watch groups also are good ways for neighborhood residents to bond together and eventually to evolve into prepper groups. The internet now has web sites that can make it easier to form local prepper groups.

Roman rhetorician and writer, Louis Annaeus Seneca, once said, He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it."

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