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Preppers need to have redundant plans and gear-III

A battery tester will help you to avoid wasting your battery resources.
A battery tester will help you to avoid wasting your battery resources.
Dan Vale

This follow-up article gives even more examples of redundant plans and gear, both of which will help preppers to safely get through disasters such as power blackouts, blizzards, floods, or hurricanes. Power blackouts, for example, can occur as a result of:

  1. An overload of our aging power grid.
  2. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, that destroy our power grid infrastructure.
  3. Deliberate sabotage of the U.S. power grid.

Redundant plans and gear can be multilayered. As a backup to electricity dependent mass public transportation systems, for example, preppers can buy or rent cars. As a backup to cars, when road support services and gas stations are overwhelmed, preppers can carry mountain bikes on racks which are mounted on the backs of their cars.

During power blackouts, many home devices will require backups. For example, with no:

  1. Internet available, hard copy reference books will become invaluable.
  2. TV, radio, or electronic games available, old fashioned playing cards or board games will give a much needed escape to stressed out family members.
  3. Electricity dependent equipment such as treadmills operating, exercise equipment such stationary bikes will help family members to manage their stress.

If stranded at work by a disaster such as a blizzard, preppers can use vending machines as a backup food resource. In most cases, however, they will need to have many one dollar bills in their wallets.

If, in the confusion of a disaster, preppers break or misplace their eyeglasses, they will need backup eyeglasses. The disaster will be enough of a challenge without the additional handicap of being partially blind.

Battery operated devices, such as headlamps, will be backups for electronic devices such as light bulbs. Thus, it will be important to use batteries wisely. A battery tester will tell preppers if all or just some the batteries in a device are dead.

Some preppers will not be able to afford to have all of the redundant gear mentioned above. Rather than getting discouraged, these preppers should remember that they have developed true grit. Preppers of moderate financial means are accustomed to the struggle it takes to survive. Those who are well off, however, and who have not had to struggle as much, will suffer a greater sense of loss during a disaster and will become more easily discouraged.

Do you have redundant plans and redundant gear? Please comment below.

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