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Preppers, don't plan to eat bushmeat

Don't eat them; they are like us
Don't eat them; they are like us
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The ebola virus outbreak has occurred in Africa where people are so hungry that they eat monkeys. Eating monkeys is as close to cannibalism as one can get. But, the menu also includes many other wild animals, basically, anything that people can catch. Bushmeat is what they call meat from wild animals as in non-human primates.

Conservationists oppose eating wild animals in Africa and South America too, because often the species that “humans” pursue are endangered.

Now, as a prepper, you may be thinking that should disaster strike in large magnitude, you may need to eat animals for protein. The nearest animal is, of course, your dog or you cat. It would be best not to eat your pet.

Furthermore, it would be best to get your protein from a pristine source that you can purchase and store safely in bulk. To consume the protein product, you need potable water. Ideally, you will have stored a sufficient supply of drinking water. In even that you run out of water, you will need to access water and boil or otherwise treat it to make it safe for consumption.

Preparing for disasters isn’t “monkey business”.

  1. Store a sufficient supply of water for people and animals in your household.
  2. Have a means to boil water.
  3. Store a supply of protein, preferably the kind that athletes use to build strong bones.
  4. If you must resort to eating game, stick to healthy animals and cook the meat thoroughly.

There are many risks to humans who are forced to live through disasters. Following good health advice is essential to survival. (Don't you wonder how 500,000 citizens of Toledo, Ohio are doing today on a third day without safe water?)

Here is a site that poses quiz questions to determine if you could survive as a pioneer.

I am a true pioneer because I have done and can do all of these things they ask. Would I prefer a safe and modern life, the answer is yes.

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