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Preppers also need a bug in bag

Some prepper family members might not be able to travel very far from their stranded car.
Some prepper family members might not be able to travel very far from their stranded car.
Dan Vale

No, this is not a bag used to bug in at home. This is a bag used to bug in when preppers are stranded in their cars. There are many reasons why preppers might be stranded in their cars, but this short article will have the space to consider only one winter example.

As the winter example, consider the plight of an out of shape prepper, his pregnant wife, and his five year old son. They were riding on icy streets after a snowstorm, and their car slid off of the road and became hopelessly stuck in a deep snowbank on a night when the temperature was below zero. It was too cold, windy, and slippery for them to walk to safety. They trusted only their road service and family members to help them to safely get home, and they contacted them with their cell phone.

Since they had to bug in until their road service or a family member arrived to rescue them, their wait was more comfortable and safer because they had in their car trunk:

  1. Space blankets to keep them warm without depending too much upon the car heater, which could have resulted in the family being poisoned by carbon monoxide while they were in their stationary car with a running engine.
  2. A first aid kit to treat minor injuries.
  3. A fire extinguisher.
  4. Emergency flares to keep them from being hit by cars in a dangerous traffic zone.
  5. An empty jug to allow them to urinate while in their warm car.
  6. A heavy duty flashlight, which gave them some protection until their family members or their road service rescued them.

There are many more scenarios that might call for more or different prepper supplies and equipment. For example, a family or individual could become stranded in a car that lurches into a ditch during an extended summer thunderstorm. Furthermore, they could become stranded in an urban, suburban, or rural environment.

Money and car space limitations make it impossible to prepare completely for every possible scenario that requires stranded preppers to use their cars for a bug in. Preppers, however, should store in their car trunks whatever they can afford. Eventually, they can add to what they already have, as their car space and family budget allows.

What car bug in scenarios can you imagine? What types of equipment and supplies do you think should be stocked in preppers’ cars for these scenarios? Please comment below.

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