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Preppers also need a bug in bag II

Road service is necessary, but not sufficient.
Road service is necessary, but not sufficient.
Dan Vale

There are many examples of how a bug in bag can be critical to the safety of preppers. In the first example, a prepper and his family were stuck with their car in a snowbank. The example for this article, however, will be that of a prepper and his family who are stuck in an inoperable car on a day with triple digit temperatures.

There are many ways the prepper family’s car could have become inoperable. Examples could include:

  1. Poor car maintenance.
  2. Gas theft that was not known until the car stopped running.
  3. Car overheating.
  4. Car accident.

Being stuck in an inoperable car during triple digit temperatures is dangerous. Even after calling road service and a friend or family member, the prepper family is stuck in an overheated car until help arrives.

If a friend or family member arrives before the road service professional arrives, the prepper family has more security from possible predators. The friend or family member also probably will have an air conditioned car that will help to bring down the body temperatures of the prepper family members.

While waiting for help, the prepper family will be safer and more comfortable if they have a bug in bag with:

  1. A first aid kit.
  2. Bottles of water.
  3. Bottles of a sports drink.
  4. Sun reflectors.
  5. Warning triangles or road flares (at night) to keep the prepper family’s car from being rammed by a careless motorist.
  6. A reflective vest to protect the prepper who sets up the warning triangles and flares at night.
  7. At least a heavy flashlight and pepper spray for protection from possible predators.

Sometimes, a road service may be so overwhelmed by so many calls, during days with triple digit temperatures, that they will not be able to help a stranded prepper family quickly. With additional equipment, the stranded prepper family or their helping family members or friends might be able to make their own car rescue. Examples of such equipment might include a:

  1. Tow strap.
  2. Set of jumper cables.
  3. Battery jump starter.
  4. Roll of duct tape.
  5. Gas siphon.
  6. Gas can for when a gas station is within walking distance.
  7. Fire extinguisher.

Can you think of any other preparations that would be helpful? Can you think of any other scenarios in which such preparations would be helpful? Please comment below.

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