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Prepper training camps for summer

Knowing your local environment is a first step to survival.
Knowing your local environment is a first step to survival.
James George

The American Prepper Network is promoting a summer camp for survivors. They summarized the activity in an email from which the following content is quoted with reference to the website URL that follows. An analyst can deduce much from this list.

Preppers love the environment
Maureen George
  • The APN is adopting teamwork as theme
  • The APN promotes securing your “bug out” location
  • The APN is into herbal medicine
  • The APN promotes bartering
  • The APN promotes “Christian principles

It seems that the next logical extension of prepperdom is to promote self-sustaining communities that are designed to include sustainment in disasters. Before leaping to disasters, begin with a basic foundation for economic sustainability. That begins with adopting governance and policies that protect the environment and support optimizing return on national resources (that include natural resources). When the greater community embraces self-sustainment and sustainable economics, then preparing for disasters as a subset makes more sense.

“Every Tuesday and Thursday evening starting June 3rd you'll hear from another survival expert on important topics including...

  • How to form a prepper team
  • 10 ways to secure your bug out location
  • Building an emergency herbal medicine store
  • Communications planning for your family, group and community
  • Urban survival preparedness
  • Bartering realities after a large scale disaster
  • How to grow a secret forest of food right outside your door
  • Christian principles of preparedness
  • Home food preservation made easy
  • Leadership for preppers: how to restore order during chaos
  • And much, much more…”

Don't forget that preppers in America operate under the Constitution and the rule of law.

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