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Prepper investments of time and money are always worthwhile II

Fires can devastate lives even without man made or natural disasters.
Fires can devastate lives even without man made or natural disasters.
Dan Vale

The first article, by the same title as above, consists of a discussion about time and money spent on first aid courses, gardens, neighborhood prepper groups, certain food items, equipment, and supplies. The article demonstrates the benefits of these investments, not only during any potential, man made or natural disaster in the future, but also the benefits of these investments in the present.

The article you are reading now continues this discussion. This article considers still more future and present payoffs from investments in various prepper expenditures of time, money, and effort. This information is an important way for preppers to maintain their motivation and to convince their family members and neighborhood residents of the present, practical value of prepper expenditures of time, money, and effort.

Fire prevention is important now, and also will be especially important in the future. In 2009, for example, there were 1,348,500 house fires in the U.S. It should not be too hard for preppers to motivate their family members to avoid becoming part of such surprising statistics now, or in the future when a disaster could increase the chances of a house fire.

Harmful habits,such as cigarette smoking, are unhealthy now and would be especially detrimental during a future disaster. At that time, cigarettes, for example, might be scarce or unavailable. Thus, those smokers who are without their cigarettes might suffer “cold turkey” withdrawal. If preppers are able to find cigarettes, for example, they might be tempted to barter away more than they should for the cigarettes they crave. Preppers who rid themselves of, or lessen their dependence upon addicting substances such as cigarettes can impress their family members favorably toward a prepper mindset.

Developing leadership skills will be helpful to preppers in their present, everyday activities at home and at work. These leadership skills will be especially helpful, however, during potential, future disasters. These leadership skills will help preppers to develop unity within their families, neighborhoods, and churches.

Making the effort to get out of debt and to build a financial nest egg will give financial relief to preppers who currently are paying high interest rates on credit cards and loans. Being debt free will be even more important in the future, if preppers must endure increased taxes, dollar inflation, or job losses.

What other payoffs, both future and present, can you think of that would come from prepper expenditures of time, money, and effort? Please comment below.

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