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Preparing German Shepherd puppies for new homes

There is a lot of preparation needed to get little German Shepherd puppies ready for their new homes. Proper breeders will prepare these little guys so they can have a good start in their new lives.

German Shepherd leash training.
Valerie King

Mother is usually done with full-time nursing at about 4 weeks because of the teeth the pups have grown in. She will still nurse at night. This is a good time to begin feeding a canned dog food mixed with kibble that has been soaked in water for a few minutes. Lessen the soaking time to the point where at 5 weeks of age the kibble is hard when mixed in with the canned food and there is more kibble than canned food. By this time, at 5 weeks, mother is pretty much done with nursing and will "shoo" the pups away or walk away from pups. Begin just kibble feedings at 5 weeks.

At 5 weeks of age, and eating regular hard kibble, mom is not needed to stay with pups through the night. The act of separating mom from pups through the night can begin. Be ready to be up early in the mornings for feeding. Offer a good amount of kibble for breakfast, 6 hours later, a light lunch, and then close to bedtime, a good amount of kibble again.

At 6 weeks, it is vet time where first shots are administered and health quality is checked.

This is also a good time to begin leash training. Use mom! Walk mom with each pup for first leash walking experience. Pup will follow mom after the initial bucking and refusing. It takes a little time, but each day the pup will get better. Before week's end, the pups will be walking on leashes on their own.

Most states will not allow pups to leave till they are 8 weeks of age. This time can be spent teaching the roaming little toddlers what is proper to chew on and praising them when they "do their business" outside. During this time they also pick up habits from mom such as when to bark and where to play. Mom should be playing with them in return.

Enjoy this time, because it goes by fast!!

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