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Preparing for Your Trip: Paris

It'd difficult to think of Fance without thining of crepes, baguettes, foie gras, caviar, chocolate, cheese and of course, wine. I stumbled across this great resource that will definitely be in use on my next trip to France. Paris to Provence Culinary Adventures has recently released The Paris Luxury Food Guide. The 2011 edition is filled with top culinary addresses in Paris.

"I love the monuments and museums of Paris as much as the next gal," says author Diane Shaskin, "but it's the search for the best baguette, hidden food shop and traditional French food that really excite me."

The Paris Luxury Food Guide, Shaskin adds, collects her favourite culinary addresses from a dozen years of living in and visiting Paris.

In this eBook, the city is organized into:

1. Epic Luxury Food Stores

2. Petite & Specialty Food Shops

3. Chocolatiers

4. Fromageries

5. Boulangeries

6. Cooking Classes

7. Restaurants

8. Splurges

9. Where Not to Go

The eBook is free and it's available on the company's website. The eBook is currently being translated into Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Additionally, Shaskin's company, Paris to Provence Culinary Adventures, offers week-long gourmet tours in Paris and in Provence. For more information, visit the website at


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