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Preparing for your first wedding dance in Anaheim


When I watch a Bride and Groom slowly rocking back and forth on the same tile of the dance floor for the three longest minutes of their lives, I wish someone could take us all out of their misery. My advice for any couple planning for their "official" first dance can be summed up in two words: dance lessons! Not one or two but lots and lots. Begin with a basic couple's ballroom class, then take a few classes in some specific style of dance you like, and then move on to a class specifically tailored for Brides and Grooms. There are many dance instructors that specialize in preparing a Bride and Groom specifically for their first wedding dance but most instructors tell me that they wish the couple would first start with basic ballroom dance classes so they are better prepared to collaborate on choreographing their first dance.

We are very lucky that our fair city has many choices of dance instruction; even Anaheim's own Community Service Department offers multiple classes. Make sure to take a look at their on-line catalog to find ample opportunity to change your two left feet into a pair of Happy Feet. Now one or two dance lessons will not help you win Dancing with the Stars, but a few is better than none, and a few years worth will be a fun way to exercise. Many couples have told me learning to dance has re-sparked some romance in their lives (sadly often lost during the stress of wedding planning!) and has afforded them the opportunity to share a new hobby and lots and lots of laughs. Practice may not make perfect, but it will probably bring you many moments of joy.

Are you already great dancers but just need help choreographing your first dance? Consider taking the First Dance Course offered by the City of Anaheim. The next First Dance Course begins Thursday, May 6th and ends May 27th  and is also offered later in the summer beginning Wednesday, July 14th ending August 4th. Classes are held from 8-10p.m.  For more information visit the city's website,, or contact the city's community service department at (714) 765-5191. 

Photo Courtesy of Beautiful Day Photography 

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