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Preparing For Your First Trip as a Couple

There are many things that race through your mind before the first trip in your relationship.
There are many things that race through your mind before the first trip in your relationship.

You two have been dating a little while and they want to go away on a trip with you. This and exciting yet nerve wracking time considering you have never been away on a trip with them before, especially if you have never even spent the night with each other before now.

Some thoughts that may be going through your head are “what if I snore?” “What if I fart?” “What if I get sick?” These are all of the typical worries of the first trip together. What you need to do is stop and relax. Remember that this is their first trip with you too and they might be just as nervous as you are. Maybe they are even worried about the same things as you are.

What you should do to overcome these worries is to be prepared. If you think you might be sick you should bring some medicine, such as Pepto Bismol, just in case. If you don’t know whether or not you snore then you could always record yourself sleeping to confirm it. If you do snore then that is something on the low spectrum of embarrassments so you could always jokingly warn your partner about it.

Here are a few things you should remember to pack for the ‘just in case’ incidents:

  1. Medicine, Band-Aids, etc. If you have trouble sleeping and need medicine, don’t forget your meds!
  2. Comfortable yet non-embarrassing pajamas. Choose some pajamas that you would be comfortable with them seeing.
  3. If you cannot sleep in complete silence, either bring headphones and an IPod or a mini fan to have running.
  4. Do not forget your tooth brush. If you are worried about morning breath you could always bring those Listerine strips and keep them under your pillow. As soon as you wake up pop one of them in before kissing your partner good morning.
  5. Girls don’t forget either tampons or pads. Even if it is not your time, you should always be prepared and either bring a small box, or pack 2 or 3 depending on how long your trip will last. If it is getting close to the time and you could start any minute, be prepared and wear a liner to bed, just in case.
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