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Preparing for what you need for your career

When adult learners come back to school they tend to have an idea in mind of what they want to do as a career. However they may not know everything that is involved in being successful in the field. Some career paths require certifications in addition to the degree to be successful, while others require an advanced degree to be successful.

Knowing all of the facts before starting/changing careers is key to success. Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a career.

Do your research - Find out the major people in the industry. Learn about the earning potential, work load, growth potential, background and companies that make up the industry. Most people's searches stop at this step because they see something that is not appealing and they move to something else. There are a handful that are still interested so they move to the next step.

Look into the actual job - The next step is to look into the job itself. Informational interviews, job shadowing and internships are all ways to test the waters without making a full commitment. On the job training will help a person make a decision about a career. If the person is still interested at this point then they move on to the next step.

Getting the Degree - This is the step where the person would start to research the education needed to be successful. Certifications, advanced degrees and experience are all things that need to be researched to make sure that the requirements are obtainable to reach. If the answer is yes then it is time for the final step.

Get Started - It is time to make the efforts to change or start a career. Knowledge is power and when you have the skills and requirements then this is the beginning of success. Finding purpose in life is the ultimate goal but you have to put the work in to make it happen. Motivation and Drive will help you reach the prize!

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