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Preparing for school

get ready
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School starts next week so for many the last few days of fun are coming to an end. A common problem for many children when the school year starts is the transition back into the school routine. Kids who have certain disabilities have such a difficult time in getting back to the routine. Here are some tips you can use to make the transition easier:

1. Talk about what the school day will look like and about any fears they may have about returning.
2. Start early bed times and wind-down routines now. It will make going to school easier.
3. Take them with you when you go clothes and supply shopping. If your child can handle stores choosing what they need gives them a sense of control over the process.
4. If the child is learning at school by using a check-off list, start using them at home and help them get used to the process.
5. If your child gets anxious when they have a new teacher call the special education office and arrange for you and child to meet the teacher and take a tour. If your child has to change classes throughout the day or navigate through the building it is helpful to walk through a day with them before many students arrive.
6. Send the teacher a brief summary of how the summer went and tell them if there are any changes they need to know about to make the beginning of the year go smoother.
7. Stress less. The less stress you show your child that you have about the upcoming year the less they are likely they are to have about the year.
8. Gather your team together. Bring teachers, you, your child, and caseworkers and advocates together to make sure people is on the same page.

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