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Preparing for a Wii exergaming demonstration

These kids loved it on and off the dance mat
These kids loved it on and off the dance mat

When planning a Wii exergaming demonstration it is important that the presenter is prepared. What should you consider when creating your plan?

Because exergaming is still in beta-testing mode, the following suggestions are general guidelines. If you have feedback, please leave it.

  • Have a clear goal
  • Limit number of games
  • Select exergames that are user-friendly
  • Stay at level one
  • Make sure you are prepared to modify gameplay for participants who may have a disability
  • Have a stash of batteries
  • Have maximum number of controllers
  • Get feedback and evaluate the demonstration by how the participants performed. Did it work?

Sample Plan

For example, let's say you are demonstrating Wii exergaming to decision-making members of a non-profit foundation. You have offered to train a Wii DDR exergaming team. Now, the members are not knowledgeable about exergaming and Virtual Fitness Wii FAB techniques. They have allotted you an hour of exergaming, to be followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. How would you set up your demo?

  1. Goal would be to introduce the members to DanceDanceRevolution
  2. Strategy would be to teach the members how the exergame works and then let everyone try it out without the dance mat. The participants can even sit and participate, if preferred.
  3. It would be great to have two people presenting; one on the floor demonstrating the moves and one to walk around and assist participants

Why DDR of all games?

DanceDanceRevolution is used around the country to encourage children to get active. Konami sponsors a number of DDR programs in public schools.

There is also Carrie Swidecki, a teacher who in 2010, broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest time on a rhythmic exergame. She is an advocate of exergaming and getting kids active.

The challenge has always been to find exergames that everyone can learn in a short period of time. Using Virtual Fitness Wii FAB techniques with select exergames, this becomes a real possibility.

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