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Preparing for a 3-day fast

not love to eat
not love to eat
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There are several reasons to complete this cleansing of the mind and body. The two most popular are for spiritual reasons, and for physical and mental discipline.

May I suggest starting with a 24 hour fast first, before waiting a while to embark on the 3-day fast.

Why 72 hours? Because it takes the average human that long to eliminate the body of all unwanted toxins and waste.

Fact: The determination of your overall health is embodied in your CORE. This would be you stomach, intestines, and lower organs. These organs benefit the most from fasting. They get a chance to rest. As always, consult with your physician before attempting any physical activity. There are conditions that cannot take this type of food depletion ex: MS, Diabetes.

Let's break this down into three parts:

A. Mental preparation

1. Limit television, and human contact......always commercials about food, or the good ole, what's for dinner...... mentally you are entering your subconscious, survival mode, and may snap someone's head off.......simply because you are speaking your TRUE mind.

B. Use water or cold. No sugar, no salt, no pepper.

1. But if you must cheat: unsweetened white or grape juice, bullion, grapefruit juice. And for Pete's sake, SLEEP as much as possible!

How will you feel?

Day one, like you're crazy, day two, coping, and day 3, an indescribable euphoric high......just giddy.

And here's the hard part: Don't tell anyone you are fasting, its about you and your body....period.

C. After the fast, how to eat.

Day 1. You will not be the same........start on day one with oatmeal, apples, baked potatoes......nature's perfect foods. Very little condiments

Day 2....eggs, baked protein, steamed veggies

Day 3...... your body will let you know what it wants, and believe me, it won't be anything heavy..... it will feel like a rock.

I only recommend this 2 times a year......unless you are a trooper.

So go ahead and dare yourself to have perfect skin, an awesome body, especially digestive system, and killer willpower.......your body will secretly love you for the rest

Good luck

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