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Prepare your Body to Train!

Leaving your umbrella at home when the sky is dark and cloudy, is as smart a move as failing to prepare for a year end exam, or being late for the big meeting. Just like life, training can be a disaster waiting to happen if you are not prepared.

Preparing the body prior to setting out on a new training regime, is essential to both continued health and wellness as well as performance. The first phase in a well planned periodized training program is Anatomical Prep, or Anatomical Adaptation as know by Dr. Tudor Bompa. This phase is crucial because the body is not just made up of muscle and bone, but also a vast network of ligaments, tendons, and muscle attachments. These areas must be addressed and strengthened first, to allow them to bear the brunt of the compressive forces which they will have to endure later.

In this phase, it is important to begin to combine aspects of your training, tactical work and nutrition to achieve maximum benefit. This is the "Value added" tip of the day; bring in Yoga, Stretching, Jump Rope and a good RMT to your routine and you will see incredible gains. Also during this phase you will want to begin to cleanse your body and cupboards. At first reduce starchy carbohydrates, sugars, added salt, and alcohol. Then experiment, add more protein, nuts, seeds, water, kale and spinach, and try dehydrated fruit as a quick cure for sugar cravings.

The training; okay down to the brass tacks! This is a Circuit, so no sitting down or excessive leaning, Tempo is key. Second, there will be no fancy machine, this is all about Compound movements. Keep it simple 6-8 exercises, choose Squat, a Powerclean if you know how, Dumbbell Curl and Press etc.

Also add cardio or calisthenics before, after or during the workout. This phase is about utilizing multiple muscle groups, try to use exercise combinations that involve twisting, pulling and pressing, and bending and standing. Ultimately you need to become active, flexible and conditioned because the next phase will be more rigidly designed, strict and expectations will be much higher.

Enjoy the Prep phase, and just like cooking a great meal, this will lead to a superb final product "if" you follow the recipe.

Yours in Health,

Matt Goreski B.A, PSCE

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