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Prepare to take steps to lower Summer water waste

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Work opens on lowering Summer water loss in the pool.

San Diegans who get away with wasting pool water during the hot SUmmer months the minutes spent putting water in the pool add up to 3 to 4 times the minutes spent in early wainter have not been ignored at WaterSmart San Diego. The organization run by the San Diego COunty Water Authority tells locals how to ease up on using water to keep the pool ready to jump into.

The Summer lifestyle playground can waste more water than the worst water wasters at a home, the place Californians use most their water. Leaking outdoor spigots. And, overwatering the grass and landscape. Finishing the enjoyable days in the pool, without a water saving habit, gets counted as giving up on efficient water use.

Evaporation in the outdoor sun keeps water loss inthe pool high during July and August. Statewide, Californians use up 200 million gallons a day to keep their pools filled.

WaterSmart offers a free eGuide for a Water Smart Lifestyle online. San DIegans can turn the pages in the 140 page flipbook online, or download a copy.

The organization does not just let San DIegans ignore work on the efficient water use 95 percent of peoplle surveyed by the Authority in 2012 agreed is a civic duty. In a state that depends on Sacramento, and out of state, water, "water efficiency is important becuase it reduces the demand for more expensive water sources," the guide syas.

Covering the pool, and letting it evaporate slow, saving up to 30 percent the lost water, does not save enough water to make the swimmng pool a smart choice for water efficient living during Summer. WaterSmart tells pool owners swimming pools and the home's watered landscape, the user of more than half a household's water, use the same amount of water per square foot of surface area. Recycled water use, and smart watering monitors, can make the landscape irrigation efficient. What about the big pool?

No owner uses a recycling water filler like homeowners use for their fountains. But, WaterSmart syas, owners can call in a pool service professional to recycle the pool water using a reverse osmosis system. An owner can pass on pool drains, and refills.

San Diegans can also learn how to find out their pool leaks. A major drain on home water that ruins plans to keep water use efficient, and friendly. The guide helps homeowners go to work on saving water.

Handling the Summer heat by jumping in the ool does not have to downgrade a San Diegans water smart lifestyle.

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