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Prepare for September Chicago Pet Show in Darien

Mark your calendar early.
Mark your calendar early.

In just over a month, the Chicago Pet Show will once again be held at the Darien Sportsplex, at 451 Plainfield Road in Darien, Illinois. The dates of this year’s event will be Saturday, September 6th and Sunday, September 7th. As usual the Show will benefit local non-profit rescues, shelters and humane societies since 50% of all ticket proceeds will go back to the participating rescues!
They have had about 30 years and about 200 other shows to get it right thus Peggy Ruh and her crew will have no problems putting on this, the 4th Annual Chicago Pet Show at the Darian Sportsplex. The show will be no problem, it is the placement of the animals that has Ruh concerned!
Although over 60% of all American households have a pet (about 72 million homes), only about 38% of the animals are kept long-term. What a shame! Due to that, many animals go back to their previous desperate living conditions; fighting for the will to live and to seek a permanent, loving, forever home!
It takes a great deal of training to help people find the perfect fit for a pet so that four-legged companions don’t end up back where they started. The goal of this and other shows that Ruh and crew have participated in is to assist families in locating the perfect animal, fitting the animal with good nutrition, holistic foods and supplies and teaching them about proper cleanup of dog waste or services that provide this function as well as extras like groomers and doggy daycare facilities.
Although all of this is important, the primary goal for a show of this magnitude is to assist shelters, rescues and humane organization by promoting pet adoptions and foster programs so that they can keep functioning and saving as many animals as possible. The goal of this show is to ensure that at least 100 animals are either rescued or fostered by the time the show is complete. But this will require participants in the show.
So, what if an organization works on a shoestring budget and cannot afford to enter a show of this magnitude but could certainly use the profits to help them benefit more pets in need? Well, that situation has been handled, too, since the people in charge will help gain sponsorship for those particular organizations – anything to help more animals get placed in loving, forever homes!
With the help of outside influence, the Chicago Pet Show and the people behind the Show, help provide support for those that cannot afford to otherwise attend by providing them with a sponsor or sponsors. They coordinate fundraisers and those willing to participate. They organize volunteers and coordinate awareness campaigns.
So, what can you do to help? Attend! Adopt! Foster!
Mark your calendars today for Saturday, September 6th and/or Sunday, September 7th. It is important. Don’t miss it!

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