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Prep Pad is the perfect Mother's Day gift

The Orange Chef Co.'s Prep Pad woul make a great Mother's Day gift
The Orange Chef Co.'s Prep Pad woul make a great Mother's Day gift
The Orange Chef

I think I found the perfect Mother's Day gift.

While many think the best "gift" is something your normally wouldn't buy for yourself, if you ask moms around the country what the one gift they want is; they will usually say the gift of "good health."

So when I was introduced to Orange Chef's Prep Pad, I was sold.

My wife spends her days on the go. She's a teacher and she has almost 20 kids under her charge. When she gets home shes to take the easy way out, and I don't blame her. Except when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

The Prep Pad does just that.

The Prep Pad, is a "smart scale" from The Orange Chef Co. that when paired with the iOS app Countertop, allows the user to see the weight and nutritional breakdown of the food at hand.

It's easy to set up and easy to use with Bluetooth connectivity.

Per Orange Chef, here are the features of the Prep Pad.

- Set up a personalized nutritional goal profile based on her physical characteristics, activity levels and dietary needs.
- See a real-time breakdown of the caloric intake, macro- and micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins by food item and entire meal with weight accurate to the gram.
- Confidently know how closely her meals match up with her nutritional goals via a Balance Score. Save meals that meet nutritional goals into a personalized archive,
- Gain access to a database of over 350,000 food items, and growing, in addition to a cloud-based application that consistently updates features based on user needs.

The Prep Pad is available for $149.95 at, as well as online and at Williams-Sonoma stores everywhere.

The Orange Chef Co. also offers products like Chef Sleeves, and iPad Cutting Board, and and iPad Stand that would allow the chef in your family to complete their collection.

Start out by giving the Prep Pad and start cooking and eating healthy.

For a limited time, The Orange Chef is doing a Mother's Day promo for 10% off entire orders on their website. Promo code is: WELOVEMOM which will be active up until Mother's Day (May 11).

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