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Preorder 'New Moon' for your Valentine

'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' (2009)
'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' (2009)
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Hey guys, are you looking for an idea for Valentine’s Day? Want to make sure this year’s present is one that she won’t forget?

If your sweetheart is a die hard Twilight fan, then you need go no farther than your internet connection. The New Moon sequel; the one that featured Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as her hypnotizing Romeo vampire, and Taylor Lautner as that beastly beautiful werewolf will be available on DVD in mid March 2010.

But lucky for you the following sites allow you to preorder now and set her emotions spinning this holiday.

Walmart offers the 2 disc, anamorphic widescreen available for $20.32 and the blu ray version available for $24.32. They also boast a shipping charge of only 97 cents, even if shipped to your home.

Target lists the 2 disc widescreen version for the price of $22.99 and the blu ray version for $25.99. But Target has something the other stores don’t list and according to their site is only available through their store. Their deluxe edition features never before seen content that includes a director commentary with a six part documentary and also band rehearsal footage and music videos. The cost retails for $26.99 on widescreen and $29.99 for the blu ray version.

Amazon is also in the mix with their copies going for $20.49 for widescreen and $24.49 for blu ray.

Print out the order receipt, place it in a valentine card and watch her expression when she opens it. You will get bonus points twice; once when she realizes what you have done and the second time when it arrives in the mail.

Let’s face it guys, flowers are fleeting, and chocolate only lasts as long as her willpower holds out. But hunky werewolves and gorgeous vampires, well that is something she’ll be enjoying long after February 14th has come and gone.


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