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Prenatal yoga

You don't have to be a yogini to practice prenatal yoga, heck you could have never even taken a yoga class before. Prenatal yoga is not only good for you physically but mentally as well. Nine months of pregnancy takes a toll on your body that is for sure. It also takes a toll on your mind. Prenatal yoga is designed to be gentler yoga for mommy's to be. It includes all the typical asana or postures but in a comforting way. Most yoga schools offer some type of prenatal class that range anywhere from once a week to two or three times a week. In these classes you will focus on meditation which helps to calm the mind and become centered and focused.

Meditation can be useful all nine months of your pregnancy especially when the pregnancy hormones are making you feel like an alien in your own body. Meditation can also come into play during childbirth. A focused mind could equal a quicker childbirth process. Your prenatal class will also focus on pranayama or breath work. You're probably wondering why you would have to practice breathing you do it on your own everyday without even thinking. The way we breathe everyday is rushed and shallow and we are not getting the most out of our breath.

Instead, in a prenatal yoga class you will learn different breathing techniques to help get the most out of your breath and even learn how to calm your mind with using these breaths. Even if you haven't given birth before you know how important breathing is in giving childbirth. Finally, in a prenatal yoga class you will learn the asana or postures. The asana is where you get your heart pumping, you engage muscles you never knew existed and you begin to build strength and stamina in parts of your body you really never thought you had.

It is important to remember when you are looking for a prenatal yoga class that your instruction is a RYT (registered yoga teacher). Although yoga truly is for anyone at any stage in their life it is important if you have never taken yoga before to start with a prenatal class. These classes are designed with the pregnant woman in mind. You will never be put into postures or given breath work in a prenatal class that would be harmful to you and your little angel. If you can't find a prenatal class or you're a practicing yogini then by all means head over to your local studio and take a class. Just remember to always let your teacher know you are pregnant so he/she can instruct you in different ways during the class.



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