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Prenatal Massages for a Pregnant Body, Free massage

Prenatal massage during pregnancy are good for health and relaxation
Prenatal massage during pregnancy are good for health and relaxation

A prenatal massage can be one of the most relaxing and beneficial activities that you can participate in while you're pregnant. Like others, you may be feeling achy, tense, swollen or having trouble sleeping soundly. Massages in general have many health benefits to help you relax and physically feel better. Pregnancy massages have similar benefits. However, prenatal massages are tailored for a pregnant person's body. They may prop your belly up with pillows as you lay on your side so that you can feel the most comfortable.

Luckily for Albuquerque citizens, The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics offers free prenatal massages to women in their second or third trimester. According to their facebook page, these massages "reduce strain on low back and joints, supports the hearts and lungs, reduction of leg cramps" and more. They are located in Albuquerque at 202 Morningside Dr SE in Nob Hill. As long as you are having a normal healthy pregnancy, then you can call to reserve a spot. Spaces fill quickly so call them at (505) 268-6870 right away to see when the next massage is and if you can get one. "Therapeutic massage is performed by a student therapist under the supervision of a licensed massage therapist and pregnancy massage instructor".

Enjoy your massage and be sure to look into the various day spas around town to find a masseuse that you can go to on a regular basis for your pregnancy massage.