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Prenatal Heart Listener


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Owning a prenatal heart listener can be extremely beneficial during your pregnancy. It can save you unnecessary trips to the hospital when you suddenly don’t feel your baby as active as usual.

A prenatal heart listener begins to work when your baby is big enough, around the third trimester. The best time to listen to the heart is 3-4 hours after eating and when you are relaxed and comfortable. The baby’s heart beat will sound completely different from your own as your heart beat is a lot faster. The prenatal heart beat should be around 120-180 beats per minute. This heart listener can also pick up kicks, hiccups and nutrients passing from you to your baby.

What are these sounds you are hearing?

  • Heart beat-soft fast beating drum
  • Kicks- patchy thumps throughout your body
  • Nutrients-a swooshing noise (similar to water)
  • Hiccups-steady and slow soft beats

You can also record your unborn baby’s heart beat to remember what it sounded like as your child grows. It is also a good idea to record your heart beat with the prenatal heart listener. When your baby is in the womb they will consistently hear your heart beat. Recording it and playing it back to them during nap times will provide them with comfort.