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Premium Eyewear retailer now to carry industry leading polarized lenses

CJ Blanx Eyewear
Permission by CJ Blanx Eyewear

Award-winning NuPolar lenses, developed by US-based Younger Optics, are now available from custom luxury eyewear manufacturer C J Blanx. C J Blanx’s unique business model allows customers to choose from over 470,000 variations to design their own customized sunglasses, and even try them on virtually before making their purchase. All available models are handmade and shipped worldwide free of charge.

NuPolar, the market leader in polarized prescription lenses, has become the global standard due to the product’s high quality and performance levels. NuPolar’s award-winning lenses block blinding glare from the eyes of the wearer, thus enhancing their visual acuity, comfort and color contrast perception. NuPolar lenses also protect the wearer’s eyes from sun damage by blocking one-hundred percent of harmful UVA and UVB light.

With this new addition to their product line, C J Blanx has raised the bar by creating a product that is not only stunningly beautiful, but also incredibly functional. As a worldwide provider of NuPolar lenses, C J Blanx is giving consumers everywhere the opportunity to protect the health of their eyes with fashionable products.

For more information on how custom sunglasses by C J Blanx can improve your eyewear experience with NuPolar lenses, and to view the complete product line, please visit

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