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Calvin Harris turns up the heat with new music video for 'Summer'

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris premiered the music video for his new single "Summer" via Twitter on Sunday. In the wild clip, Harris sings "Summer" while a bunch of models move and drag race to the dance track.

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris

Though the spring season has recently arrived in the U.S., Harris is already ready to move onto "Summer" with his latest single. Like his breakthrough hit "Feel So Close," the DJ produced, wrote and sings on the "Summer" track. The breezy dance track opens with a folk music-like sound before a wall of synths kicks in. "When I met you in the summer / Took my heart beat a sound / We fell in love as the leaves turned brown," he sings.

Harris turns up the heat with the music video for "Summer." He walks on a desert road while crooning the track. Female models also come out in full force for the clip, dancing, swimming and drag racing to "Summer". Everything culminates in a wild party at the end where Harris and his mob of models take over a mansion. Harris captures the spirit of the summer season in this hot clip.

"Summer" is the lead single from Harris' upcoming fourth studio album. The new track is now available on iTunes.